It Just Seems Like Yesterday....
Anybody who ever lived with the least bit of feeling & sensibility must
ponder over the fleeting moments of existence & how all speeds away
in a few moments--youth, beauty, pleasure, friendship--the works--all
quickly gone but for fragile memories and a few lingering images.  
When I was a little kid, the WW II veterans were young, beautiful (in
my memory), & virile & now most have gone into the shades and we,
no doubt, soon to follow.  This page is a collection of beautiful images
of male beauty, fun, & friendship & some of those days so quickly
flown away, presented with thanks to those individuals & groups who
have saved them from the dark.
What an
extraordinarily lovely
I wouldn't mind squeezing into the lineup....
I'm sure there's a story
behind this one--come to
think of it, they're all
"behind" for that matter.