And Who Am I You Ask?
Whatever else might be said about my life, I've always had a radar eye for a good looking
guy and, shall we say, masculine energy--
Hello--Service Center?
My phone is out of
order--Please send those
two guys on the pole down at
the crossroads over right

No--no others will do--I'm
sure they're the only ones
who can fix it.

And tell them to please
Oh no-- I don't mind taking
the bottom bunk at all.
Oh yes, young man, I have a fine
collection of etchings I'm sure you
would enjoy very much.

Won't you come over & let me take a mean let you take a look at
If this sounds like fun & your kind of thing--stick around & visit awhile.
There's no telling what we might get into.
Just back yourself out & pick another page that sounds interesting.
Going my way?
Why yes--I did have an out-of-body
experience one time & woke up in

What did it look like?

Oh that's kind of hard to exlain....
Welcome neighbor.  Come in and sit a spell.  
Call me Patroclus.  Yeah, I know-- funny name--
It's Greek, you know.  Long story there about
some hunks in the Marines.  I'll tell you about
it sometime.  Kick off your shoes, put up your
feet, loosen that belt buckle and make
yourself comfortable.  We've got a lot to talk
And who am I you ask?  Well, call me
Ishmael --no-- better not -- that's
somebody else - some kind of dick --
Mobly Dick -- something like that.  I'll
just stick with Patroclus.  I'm a mid-60s
Mississippi guy -- basically a country
boy with a little education -- Born loving
guys and never waivering or deviating an
iota from it -- In other words, a 100%
grade A queer.
Through the years, I've had sex with carpenters, plumbers, teachers, lawyers,
politicians, farmers, college professors, truck drivers, soldiers, some of those
cute guys you see on telephone poles, construction workers, several preachers,
and even one porn star of sorts (at least he
said he had had a spread in Bunkhouse
in days gone by).  Most of them were enjoyable, nice folks and a few were turds
of course.  A few of them I still keep up with -- I admit I've probably had more
than my share and that this is not a bad score for a guy with just average looks,
not bad at all.  Stick with me on the pages of this site and I might tell you about a
few of them.
In years gone by, I saw a lot of truckers.  I
liked them a lot -- They were often a long way
from home, bored, maybe lonely, horny (from
looking down at 10,000 crotches passing by) and
most had the great asset of a rolling bedroom
ready at ha
nd.  (All of this of course was a
situation made in heaven for even a queer of a
certain age to score.)  I still meet a driver
every now and then and a few from years gone
by who kept my number still call when passing
through.  However, any experienced trucker
cruiser from the old days will tell you that cell
phones and the internet have changed a lot
about that scene.  It's not nearly as wide open
and free wheeling as it used to be.  Still and all,
though, I do have a special place in my resume
and sexual affections for the guys who deliver
America's freight.
That being said, most of the other guys in the world are interesting too.  I'm
definitely a generalist in that category as you will plainly see if you stick