Uncle Sam Needs You
One time I heard that a whore house in Nevada was giving free
fucks to soldiers.  I thought to myself what a great idea.  We
queers are just as patriotic as anyone else (and more so when it
comes to troops).  We can declare right now we stand ready to
give free blow jobs to soldiers (to include sailors, marines,
national guard, reserves, coast guard, police, firemen, state
militias and all other first responders.
These guys need a morale boost & we're the ones who can
do it.  We know (yes, we
know) from a good bit of
personal experience that the troops would like it & we can
do our part for the country.

What do you think guys?---Let's roll!!
If there exists a more
"come hither" look in
this wide world than this
cutie has, I don't know
where it is.