Treat Her Like A Lady
If you've looked at my 2 sites, it shouldn't have taken you long to pick up on the
fact that I like to play with truck drivers (among others).  I long since have learned
to respect other people's sexual turn-ons, even if they don't speak to me.  (Of
course I like my own respected as well.)  In the beginning, though, it was with a
good bit of surprise that I discovered that that quite a few truck drivers, just like
the general population I guess, like cross dressing.
My pickle park mentor, V____, told me once he talked to a really masculine
trucker pulling a tanker & agreed to come back & get up in the sleeper with him
once he locked his pickup.  When he came back in a couple of minutes & got in,
the guy was completely transformed & lying in the back in a floor length
evening dress with the trimmings.

About 2:00 in the morning once, I talked with a trucker on the CB who had
pulled into the pickle park--deep, macho voice, etc.--He invited me over &,
when I opened the door, who was sitting there but a perfect, refined
lady--beautiful red wool dress-jewelry-expensive shoes & nicely done hair.  This
is not my thing, but--respectful me--I complimented him on his ensemble & how
nicely it was done, which seemed to please him.

Another night, this truck pulled in & parked across the way (nobody else
around) & this girl got out with an enormous bunch of hair down on her
shoulders, a tight top, big tits & white short shorts & white high heels--actually
very sluttish looking.  Well--she flounced around the truck several times, &
pulled down the hood & fiddled with the engine, etc. & I finally realized it was
all for my benefit & went over to see what the deal was.  It turned out it was a
guy named "Sharon" , or something like that,  & she wanted to give me a blow
job.  It really isn't my thing (I like men, men, men), but I thought, shit--this is
too good to pass up, so we did & she went on her way.

Other stories along the same line I could tell you, get the idea--Not my
personal preference, but, if I had to end up with a "woman," I believe, like most
men, I would prefer the slut in bed to the perfectly done up lady.