Been thinking about the 50s lately--I was just a
little nipper beginning to realize how cute those
older guys were showing off at the skating rink &
also beginning to realize my dick had a mind of its
own--Oh my! There never will be guys like that
again--They were so fine--The look of a flattop is
such a turnon--'Course the bad ones had
ducktails, but I always liked the flattops best.  
Looking back on it, I see that we under-estimate
the 50s.  A lot of sex was fermenting big time.
In my memory, they all
looked like this.  Could
it have been?? Or was
it just a dream??....
Those Nifty Fifties
Oh fuck!!  I'm in love...or maybe just in heat!!
Whadda you guys mean you think
I'm a size queen--What the hell
gives you that idea!!