The Soldier's Dream 5
The Soldier Appears
Armato il cor
D'adamantina fede
Nell'amoroso Regno
A militar ne vegno.

Contrastero col ciel e con la
Pugnero con la morte
Ch'intrepido guerriero
Se vittoria non ho
Vita non chero.
My heart armed
with adamantine faith,
I come into the kingdom of love
to fight.

I shall do battle with heaven and
I shall fight with death.
If I, an intrepid soldier,
am not victorious,
I do not care for life.
Ottavio Rinuccini
This is the great scene of the
masque for our purposes, in which we
are introduced to the Soldier, who
now makes his entry and sings his
role with great presence and
beauty.  It is, of course, a ridiculous
conceit that I have chosen such a
beautiful man to be the Soldier, but
indulge me in this.  He is, no doubt,
the flower of one of the great Roman
houses and his song is far-reaching
in its resonance in our tale.
He is very popular and everyone is wildly enthused as he
finishes and naked adolescent pages covered with gold paint
come and crown him with a garland of flowers.
Claudio Monteverdi --Madrigali Guerrieri et Amorosi