The Soldier's Dream 4
A gratuitous scene now occurs, but, with such
characters present, it would almost be a crime to
waste them--and, besides, the text of the song is
somewhat significant.  Therefore, the first set piece
of the grand masque will be performed by Cesare in
the starring role, who, in truth, does it quite well.  We
can well see how he was used as a model for Christ in
numerous paintings so that it is not unreasonable to say
that the primary impression millions of Christians have
of the Savior bears a striking resemblance to Cesare
Borgia.  Various other extravagant and glorious
episodes follow, of which we must, regrettably, take no
notice in the interest of cinematographic economy.  
Therefore, as Cesare takes his bows, we will move on
to the great event of the least for our
purposes--the first appearance of the Soldier.
Fulvio Testi

Se vittorie si belle
Han le guerre d'amore,
Fatti guerrier, mio core,
E non temer
De g'amorosi strali
Le ferrite mortali.
Pugna; sappi
Ch'e gloria
Il morir per desio
Della vittoria.

If such fine victories
are won in the wars of love,
make thyself, my heart, a warrior
and do not fear
the mortal wounds
of love's arrows.
Fight; know
that it is glorious
to die through desire
for victory.

Claudio Monteverdi
Madrigali Guerrieri et Amorosi