The Soldier's Dream 1
On March 21, 2005, a person calling
himself John Niemann left a posting on a
website in regard to photos of 'Old
Shanghai Doors."    He said,  "The framing
technique is excellent; One door leads to

Although his words were in an entirely
different context, they provided the germ
of an idea which  was to be the foundation
for what is to follow.  Since he has no
further involvement with this tale, we
present him our compliments, whoever he
may be, or if he exists at all, and consign
him to an eternity in cyberspace.  

The Metamove is now begun.  Please
activate your speakers and move the action
here and in future developments by
clicking on the shield of the Labyrinth
Guard below.
What herein follows is a movement in eleven pages I developed in an intensely interesting game of
sorts I had with an extraordinary person I ran into online.  He called himself the "Minotaur" and me
"Soldier."  Being a minotaur, of course, he ran a Labyrinth and attempted to trap the unwary, old
soldiers and callow youths alike.  What pleased me so much about the "game" was that it was
brillianly interspersed with discussions of literature, music, art, history, and various world cultures,
often with an erotic subtext.  The pages following were what we called the metamove, my final and
best play in what was really a delightufl game.  I include and offer it here just in case there might
be someone out there who would find it interesting.  It is not to the taste of all, but for the select,
a rare vintage.