When I See Horses
Do you remember all the
shit we did as adolescents &
how it is that a sound or
smell or glimpse of
something can bring back a
memory of long ago & sexy
guys, maybe even long dead
When I was growing up in the country, we kids in the neighborhood would play
together nearly every day & night one way or another.  Sometimes some pretty
memorable things happened.  There was this guy, Jimmy, about two years older,
who always liked to "fool around." Flat top, cute smile, big dick--you know--all the
stuff I like. Several of us had horses &, at night, we would play "hide & seek" on
horseback through the fields & woods.  Jimmy & I always got really hid & ended
up together doing you-know-what.  Was it ever great.  Its always been one of my
best memories & often, when I see horses, or more particularly, smell them, it
vividly brings it back.
Last year I ran into Jimmy & his wife at a restaurant after not seeing him for about 40
years.  Not so cute anymore, flat top gone, the big dick is still there I expect & about 80
extra pounds.  Still had a cute smile & I'm sure he was thinking the same thing I was.
There was one particular night I remember best.  There had been a big storm about
sunset & it was clearing up.  A strong wind was blowing & there was a full moon you could
see through the broken clouds flying across the sky.  When I feel a wind like that on a
rising barometer & see the moon through clouds like it was that night, I am once again
riding with Jimmy across the fields & into the woods.
I drove through that part of the country a few years back &
had many memories.  The tree where Jimmy & I had a great
treehouse (& many of these experiences) was gone.  Ditto
the 2 corn cribs which saw a lot too--I didn't even see any