Odds and Ends 2
As anyone can plainly see, I
enjoy images from many
different periods--something
old, something new, something
borrowed and, yes, some
things blue on occasion.  After
all--a good man, like that little
black dress for a lady, never
goes out of style.  Sometimes
the older images may be a bit
blurred, but the men-----OMG!!!
Reading the
financial pages, no
Now there you go
accusing me of being
a size queen.  I don't
know what makes
you think
To my way of thinking, Etienne can hardly be
beat.  He and I seem to have the same thing on
our mind.
This guy, "Dak" really grew
over the course of his
career taking his clothes
off for the camera.  He
grew from an OK but bit
nerdy kid into a serious
erotic presence.  (I think
his dick grew a bit too.)
Looks like he's
making a "D" chord.
D for Dick you know.