Odds and Ends
So you like men?  Good.  I do too--and the
good news is there are lots of them out
there. The last time I checked, there
were about 3.25 billion swinging dicks
running around the world.  That means
the odds are pretty good for us to catch
one every now and then. (By the way,
more good news is that there isn't any
bad news.)

My idea for the odds and ends series is
just to share with you some of the men
and images that have caught my fancy
lately out of the thousands that have
crossed my path.

I love cute guys.
I love good pictures.
I love interesting situations--
And I really love good pictures of cute
guys in interesting situations.
Some of these are like that.
I admit it.
I'm a sucker for a picture of a
cute guy with a big dick
showing off by measuring it
against something.  If you've
got it, flaunt it I guess.
I wonder what the
story here is?
Just like a college
roomate I had once.
Not a very
convincing stance to
"whup up" on
someone, but cute.