Mr. Sandman
I knew an old queen I called "Mother Goose" when I saw her in the
places where unsavory characters (like us) congregated.  She had led an
extravagant and dissolute life & sucked off everything in 3 counties.  It
was said she had extensive photograph albums with hundreds of pictures
of her various tricks' dicks.  I remember being rather envious that she
said she had a trucker who called her regularly for a blow job who
"looked just like Billy Ray Cyrus."  Anyhow, I hear she is now in a VA
nursing home, completely gaga--totally out of her head and telling
everyone all these obscene tales of her exploits--And the joke is--its all
true & nobody believes her!!  She kept at it to the end--she'd get down on
her knees at the pickle park sucking off some guy & have to be helped to
get back on her feet by a kindly passing queer.  I was thinking about
Mother Goose being at the VA nursing home out of her head & made this
little page about old queens dreaming in the sunroom