To The Great God--Mississippi Dionysos
Mississippi is such an unique & sexy place & life often seems like a continual Dionysian revel.  
Someone told me years ago about being in a juke joint around Yazoo City & everyone was
standing around waiting for something to happen--And, by God, did it ever! There was a 50
gallon oil drum in the middle of the floor & after a while this cute guy & girl wearing cutoffs got
up on it & started to dance. It was hot--they were hot--the music was hot & they started to
take their clothes off.  The crowd was egging them on & then they they started to fuck--.   
Needless to say, the spectators were wild with delight & the thing turned out to be--they were
brother & sister!!!

Now I ask you, is that southern gothic or what!!!
Oh shit!!  My own story
made me kind of hot too,
as you can plainly see--.
And the best thing about
is that damn story is it's
probably true.

You wouldn't believe how
all these effects make
your dick tingle!!  Better'n
an old time glory hole.