Miscellaneous Erotica
Several years ago, I started
saving pictures from the internet
I found erotic, interesting, cute,
or otherwise collectible.  In no
time at all, I ended up  with
170,000 (!!!!) pictures and
increasing all the time. My thought
for this & subsequent Erotica
pages is to share some of my
favorite images & maybe they will
resonate with you too. As a friend
of mine in years gone by used to
say, "Now children, Jesus said to
Oh fuck!  I'm in love!
Ya lookin' for a ride?
When you get your x-ray
glasses, this is what the
highway patrol will look like .
Detail from "Adoration
Of the Magi."
Splendid symmetry--The curve of
the back is balanced by the curve
of...oh well--you know.
Is there a queer alive who
wouldn't have a wreck
slamming on the brakes to pick
this one up?
Yes I know this one is
everywhere, but what a
perfect picture.
Now I'm really in love!!!
Son, yo're in a heap 'o
trouble --jes' step over to
the guard shack & I'll
'splain it to you.
My idea of a perfect guy.
Oh shit!!!
Under the Tuscan sun--or
maybe LA.