Keep On Dancing
About 20 years ago, I made an astounding
discovery--some truck drivers like to play around!!  
Well shit!!  Why hadn't I noticed this before!
Let's see here--some elementary calculation--2
bizillion truck drivers & let's say that one out of
50 (I think it's higher than that, but this will do
for illustration) might do something in the right
circumstances--that's hundreds of thousands of
truckers with their own rolling bedroom who, at
the very least, want a blow job & maybe more.  This
is a situation worth looking into--and I did. Another
elementary calcuation--Average 2 or so a week
times 52 weeks times 20 years---You see what I
mean--+/- 2000 truckers. I really think I'm doing
my part to keep America's freight moving.
Now all you wannabe trucker cruisers, don't
get your hopes up--I'm not going to give away
all my trade secrets & tell you how to do it in
5 easy lessons--It's not easy, it's sometimes
dangerous, time consuming, etc. & I don't
want to feel responsible for you getting beat
up or in jail.  I compare it to big game
hunting--it's dangerous & requires equipment,
travel, & knowledge on your part plus good
judgement &--above all, don't forget--Lady
Luck.  Besides all that, I don't want any more
competition than is already there.
The real purpose of this page is to tell you
about V____, a rather fantastic guy I met
about 20 years ago at the pickle park who I
call my trucker cruising mentor--he taught
me a good bit of the tricks of the trade (or
trade of the tricks), so to speak, & passed
along lots of wisdom, humor, & tales of his
unusual life.  V____ was a good bit older than
I & an extremely good looking man, although
we weren't interested in each other that
way.  You could see that in his youth,he must
have been stunning.  I believe he is dead now
but what a life he had had of serious sexual
encounters--Everything from blowing Coast
Guard guys on the bus from Vicksburg to
Jackson (in the dark on the back seat) to
meeting a guy passing through Jackson in a
fancy convertible in the 50s who turned out
to be Rock Hudson (V____ said he didn't
have much) to sucking off 12 truckers one
night at the pickle park & lots more.
One thing that was so funny about
V____--he kept himself in good shape by
constantly doing aerobics in the pickle park
(at night) while waiting for the next truck to
come in.  He constantly pestered cruising
queens to join in this prancing-dancing-conga
line routine until they left in disgust--which
is probably what he wanted.  No real trucker
cruiser wants competition.  V____ told me a
a very useful technique to get troublesome
competition to leave--If you are at your wit's
end & just can't stand it anymore, act like
you're interested in them, blow 'em, jack
'em off or whatever it takes to get them off
& they'll go home & leave the fishing hole to
you--strong medicine but it works.
I always remember V____ when people ask me, "When is the best time to get truckers?"
I once asked V____ what he thought about that & he said, "Well--one time I got this
really nice trucker at midnight on Christmas Eve--If you can get one then, when can't you
get one?--& its true.
To be real & honest with you, for all the fun I've had with truckers,
they're just like the rest of us--good, bad, fat, ugly, stinky, clean,
stupid, intelligent, friendly, jerks, hunks, hung or not, etc. in about
the same proportion.  My philosophy is to try to leave everyone who
is good enough to invite me into their world happy--if I can pull it
off (maybe jerk it off would be a better way of putting it).  Usually
I can, but there have been a few cases where I just couldn't stand
it.  And--holy shit--there are the fantastic ones, who will live
forever in my memory--who keep me ever hopeful & ever in the
game for another whirl.  I meant to tell you about a few of them,
but I'm afraid the music has run out & I'll have to save it for later.