I Wonder Why
One of the members of a
photo group I belong to
said that he used to work
for Mae West & one day
they really struggled
getting her hair & face
all together for a
visitor--Ed Fury at left.  
He stayed several hours
& she was a rumpled up
mess when he left, but I'm
sure she was happy--& I
would be too.  "Come up
& see me sometime," as
she used to say.
A manly face, broad
shoulders, muscular
arms, a hairy chest & a
big dick--what more
could a person ask for?

Did someone mention a
nice personality--?
Oh well--that too.
Have you had enough of these
georgeous hunks?

Ah--Miss West & I thought not.

A girl can never have too many
diamonds & most of us can never get
enough fine men

As the immortal Mae West
said, "Too much of a good
thing is.....wonderful!!"
I don't think I've ever had too
many good men in these sense
of having more than I want.  
My friend, V___ one night
sucked off twelve truck drivers
in the pickle park & he didn't
think that was too many.

I must say,though, they sure
were gorgeous back in those
days when I was a little nipper
secretly (and not so secretly)
admiring them in the locker
room & everywhere else.
Well, well...
Who is this lurking in
my foliage....
To my way of thinking,
guys used to be a lot
cuter--Before they started
shaving & triming the
beautiful hair nature gave
them & before every nelly
queen started going to the
gym to get pumped up.

Don't get me wrong--I'm
not dissing on nelly
queens.  If you're a nelly
queen, flaunt it--go
girl--but no need to get all
pumped up like...oh I don't
know what
What a hunk!

I knew a guy who
looked just like this in
high school.
I have never gotten
over the way he
looked in the locker
room without a stitch
In addition to looks,
he was a football star.
All I have to do is
close my eyes & there
he is.