Why Patroclus & Patrocleion?
Finally the day came when Achilles was really pissed at something & wouldn't go out & fight
like he usually did & Patroclus put on Achilles' combat gear so everyone would think it was
Achilles because he was the toughest ever.  Unfortunately, Patroclus got killed wearing
Achilles' gear & Achilles, of course, was real broken up about it because not only had he
lost his best friend, boyfriend, & all that, but, in a way, he was sort of responsible.

After Patroclus was gone, Achilles really didn't care much whether he lived or died, but he
was determined to take down the one who killed his bud, which he did.  He didn't live very
long after this and, when Achilles was killed, his ashes were put in the same urn with
Patroclus, and they are still there, together to this day.  Somebody later wrote a book
about them called the Illi-something.  Some really hot passages in it.

Now I ask you--what queer who loves strong-type guys wouldn't love a story like that?  So,
I use the name Patroclus on the site & called it Patrocleion as a little personal way of paying
tribute to brave men, friends, & lovers.
Here's a picture somebody
got one time when Patroclus
got wounded & Achilles was
helping him get fixed up.
Funeral Games For Patroclus
This is one of those FAQ's nobody
has asked me yet, but I will tell you
anyhow.  A long time ago, there were
these two guys in the Marines,
Achilles & Patroclus.  Lots of other
guys were around too.  Achilles was a
real hunk--He ought to be, actually,
because his mother, Thetis, was a
goddess & his father was a real stud
type.  (This is a dynamite combination
to produce a super hunk, which is
what Achilles was.)
His sidekick & life-long buddy was Patroclus.  Achilles had a little problem with
anger management, but otherwise was a great guy.  He & Patroclus & a bunch of
other Marines had to go with this expeditionary force to Turkey one time &, what
with one thing and another, they stayed for several years fighting these other
guys (who were pretty studly themselves).  When they weren't fighting, Achilles &
Patroclus were, like as not, getting it on together--Patroclus was a real hunk too,
but maybe not as hunky as Achilles.  I think he was more likely to play bottom to
Achilles' top.  Anyhow, they had lots of adventures in this war & lots of nights
rolling in the sack.