Erotica 18 - Vintage
I occasionally remember delectable tastes and smells of things I've
enjoyed in years gone by--That includes memorable cocksucking
experiences, such as this lad is clearly enjoying.
I get befuddled sometimes
with about a million dicks
swirling around in my
computer.  My filing system
is none too good and I can't
always remember what I
may have posted before in
other pages of the website.  
If you spot duplications,
don't hold it against me.  
Besides, some tricks in life
are well worth a repeatm
such as this magnificent
What a great picture.  It
was posted originally as
Boer War guys, Canadian I
think.  As dumb as I am, I
suspect that it is much
later.  Anyhow, what fun to
be in the middle of all those
Supposedly on the USS Olympia of Admiral Dewey fame I guess (now a
museum in Philadelphia).  Take a visit to this very spot (I have) and dream
of these studly guys.
The fleet's in!!!  What a fucking paradise for cocksuckers (and cock suckees).
I don't exactly  understand this picture.  The guy on the left's hand is just
too close for 'comfort.'  Is it a joke of some kind?  Is the guy 2nd from the
right a mannequin?  Dunno, but several cute guys here no doubt.
An Me 109 in the
background--  WWII pic I