Mississippi Is Such A Damned Sexy Place
Most of the world knows nothing about Mississippi
& we could be living on the back side of the moon
for all they really know. The joke is on them, though,
because this place is hot!!

If they had any idea of all the sexy guys here & the
wild scenes that have gone on, they would organize
sex tours like in southeast Asia to come get in on
the action.  Of course, we want to keep the secret
for ourselves as long as we can so there will be
more for us & less competition--
So all you cruising
queens--keep the fuck out! & leave our men alone.  
Do your fishing in some other hole!!!
The only expanation I can find for this is there
must be some kind of sex juice in the water here &
it drives people wild & we love it--Sorry guys--It's
not for sale!!