Dick As Art
When God set this ball of mud and cinders spinning
on its way, He-She-It-They? did a pretty cool
thing--put this dangling multipurpose appendage we
call a dick* on the half of the people we call
"guys."  I don't really know how chicks feel about
this dangling thing, but we cocksuckers love it and
think it is a thing of real beauty (and a bunch more
stuff too).  I love taking pictures of guys and their
dicks and I'm not self-centered at all.  If you were
here, I would love to take artistic pictures of your
dick, but since you're not, I'll just have to make
this page out of what I have--mine.  --Not the
biggest nor the best, but mine (and I've grown
rather attached to the little bugger after all these

*As to nomenclature, I've always rather prefered
calling it a "dick" rather then "cock," "weewee," or
any of the other words people have come up with.  
The reason is that's what we boys in the country
called it in my youth and "cock" always seemed a bit
too harsh and big-city cocky for my taste.  I have
always despised the "correct" and sanitized terms
for things like "penis" and "condom."  I, perversely,
refuse to say "condom" in any company and always
use "rubber."
This website has been around for about ten years and lots of things have
changed -- Some of the technology is getting a bit dated and there is lots more
gray hair to name two.  I'm not trying to pretend I'm younger than I am ("50
but look much younger" as a number of the profiles on the dating sites say) but
I am including pictures here over the whole time period because I like them.
Whoops! I got carried away
looking at all these pictures.
As my old friend Mae West would have said,
"Come up and see me sometime," and we'll do
some "artistic" photographing of you.