The Best Job There Ever Was....
Catherine had a good quality, that of being nice to her ex-lovers for the most part.  Power
is said to be an aphrodiasiac & even in old age, (or perhaps more particularly in old age),
she didn't like to sleep alone, & there were plenty of young men, mostly guards officers,
who were happy to be a bed warmer for the Empress--practically speaking, for all the
good things which flowed from that.  I don't quite know how they were able to get it up
because she was said to be rather fat & unattractive in later years.  Perhaps it was
because, as Benjamin Franklin once said, "In the dark, all the cats are grey."  Anyhow,
propriety was largly observed, and the stud for the night entered her sleeping chamber
through a private passage at bedtime and left quietly in the morning (and, if he was smart,
kept his mouth shut).

I suppose you are wondering where I am going with this---& now I will tell you.  I read that
she had a close friend, a Baroness, Countess,or some such person, who discretely served
as a talent scout for Catherine-- a sort of procuress, who located & tried out likely
candidates before recommending them to the Imperial stud farm.  This was the
deal--unlimited expense account, prestige, working for number one, great powers of
preferment & promotion in your hand, & only one element in your job description--move
among the officers in a large army, find the cutest & sexyist, fuck them blind to see if
they were any good in bed, pass them on the Empress, & move on to the next.  Now I ask
you, was this the best job in the world or what???!!!

How sad--I'm stuck in a stupid office & I could have had a job like that!!!
Some years ago, I read a biography of
Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia.  All
the world knows the tale about Catherine
dying while being fucked by a horse--It's not
true, which is too bad in a way--but what is
true is that Catherine liked men & what's
wrong with that--I like 'em myself.
I wonder how her Imperial Majesty would like that one???
Hmm--let's see--I think there are several here that might do....
I'm not sure about this one.  I
think I'd better test him out a
few more times--maybe about 10
times--before I can be sure....
Now we're getting somewhere.
Yes, this one will do I think.
I just really can't make up
my mind about this one..  
Better set up a bunch more
So many men---so little time....
Corporal, please send this one to my office for
some further examination.
Corporal, please hand me that yardstick on the table...
Young man, please step over
here for a minute...
You men just ride over to my place...I'll
send someone for your clothes later....
Smooth as a baby's butt...
Just roll over this
way, please, so I can
check something....
Shit--Where did I put my binoculars...