Then there was another time I was in bed naked
with a Baptist preacher & he let out with a
shout  "Dicks shore are wonderful!"  "I can see
why people used to worship them!"  And I
couldn't stop the words coming right out of my
mouth--"Preacher," I said, "What do you mean
'Used to!!'--and gave his another lick.  (and so
did he--mine, that is.) Truth be told, I've been
naked in bed with 3 or more Baptist preachers
& I'm not even a Baptist.  Why that's
practically enough to have a revival meeting!!!
Abuses of
the Clergy
Somehow or another along the way, I've ended up in the sack with quite an ecumenical
variety of preachers, in addition to everyone else.  I'm not hard on them or the least
bit critical because they've got this raging horse of sex driving them along like
everyone else--besides a couple of them were really good in bed.  Actually, not all of
them were in bed--One time, I met this guy who said he had a place to go & I followed
him to this big Baptist church--I was beginning to wonder what the deal was--but it
was cool--We made do with a table in a Sunday School room.
I'm quite unpredjudiced as to the merits
of the different sex--Oh I mean sects.  
I've done it with Catholics & Baptists &
everything in between.  Come to think of it,
I'm not sure if I've done it with a Holy
Roller preacher--I did think that big Holy
Roller from Baton Rouge who was always
geting caught with whores & crying on
television was kind of cute..You know the
one I mean. I've heard all my life that
nobody could fuck like Holy Roller girls on
Sunday night after church.  I wonder how
that works out with Holy Roller guys? Hmm.
I met a georgeous green-eyed hunk about 1967 &
after we had got nekked, he told me he was the
son of a Methodist preacher & furthermore he
said that, beyond doubt, all sons of Methodist
preachers were queers & that at church camp he
had had them all!!

Oh what I wouldn't give to find that guy again.  I
remember he was sort of bragging about the total
control he had over whether his dick was hard or
not.  I had his dick (beautiful) in my mouth at the
time & said (sort of out of the side of my mouth)
"That's a bunch of shit--I bet you $10 you can't
make it go soft now."  I won.
A gentle old lady I knew
Was dozing one day in her pew;
When the preacher yelled "Sin!"
She said, "Count me in!
--As soon as the service is through!"
And my favorite church-type story is, some years ago, I had a friend in Atlanta who was at
some kind of club & fell into conversation with a nice group of attractive women & men.  
They had told him they were from Dallas and that they were all prostitutes.  He found this
fascinating & got around to asking them what they were doing in Atlanta & they said,
"We're here for the Methodist Church convention--we always do a lot of business at
church conventions!"