Welcome to Patrocleion
This site is a light-hearted & exuberant personal
celebration of sexy men & all the fun I've had with
them through the years.  It is also an appreciation
of my times, beginning with awakening sexuality in
the 1950s & some of the great guys I've known
along the way & (more likely) wish I had known.  No
sad faces allowed here.  No moans & sighs about
mean old life, or my boyfriend ran off with another
guy, or any of that.  Here, we're gonna laugh & have
some fun.  This site is devoted to men--God love
'em--to masculine love, friendship & affection, not
to mention just plain old sex & a lot of it for all--a
chicken in every pot, so to speak.   It is my hope
that you enjoy your visit and leave in a happy frame
of mind.
Each page is a stand-alone production, so
just back yourself out when you finish one
& that will bring you back here so you can
pick another. When you get to this small
image of Achilles & Patroclus, it means it is
the end of the page.
Some of you may know that I originally
started with two websites, a
www.patrocleion.org and a
www.patrocleion.com.  It caused me endless
confusion and at last I've combined the two
and done away with patrocleion.com.  It is
no more--thank goodness--and all
references to www.patrocleion.com should
be www.patrocleion.org.  Everything is
here, so just pick something that looks
interesting and....enjoy.  
Misc Musings

Three  pages called "Vae
Victis."  Its a specialized
taste I suppose, but one
I imagine that will appeal
to most queers--A sort
of take on the common
queer fantsy of being
raped by the football
Vae Victis
Guy Stuff
November 27, 2008
Ah men.....

This section is an 11 page
production called "The
Soldier's Dream."  It is a
tale I composed in a playful
game with a 'beast,' the
Minotaur and his Labyrinth. I
think its rather clever, but
if you're only interested in
real dirty stuff, just skip it
or come back later.  
The Soldier's Dream
Playing around with
animations.....Early on in the
history of this website I
was experimenting a lot with
photos and here are a few
of those early studies
If you're a real
November 9-2011
These productions were made with
ProShow Gold and to view you will need
to allow the download of a plugin for the
first view.  It doesn't take long and I
think you will find it worth the trouble.  
My Junk
Since I have been updating and
cleaning up this website it
occurred to me that some people
might like the site and not
necessarily want to see that
much of me right up front.  On
the other hand, I know for a
fact some of the viewers like
that kind of "junk," so I moved
my stuff here to its own little
out-of-the-way place just for
those who like that kind of thing.
What's new
Another video added to Videos 100 under My Junk 3-25-12